‘I’m So Proud to of Gotten this out there!” By Tiffany Marler 11/25/2020

“Dynamic Shift” Book Release Sneak Peek #1 by Tiffany Marler 11/25/2020

Dynamic Shift” Sneak Peek # 2 by Tiffany Marler 12/02/2020

“To Be Or Not To Be”…That Seems to be the Burning Question by Tiffany Marler 12/06/2020

Dynamic Shift book release - part III by Tiffany Marler 12/11/2020

12.26.2020~7 years sober, but how does my family see me? By Tiffany Marler

“Dynamic Shift” ~ Sneak Peak Part 4 by Tiffany Marler 12/28/2020

💥¡Hola2021~Adios 2020!💥 by Tiffany Marler 01/05/2021

How January 6th, 2021 was for this “Dynamic Shift” vs Hawley’s Spectrum in D.C. & I didn’t even know it was going to go there! By Tiffany Marler 01/08/2021

This Veteran’s Survivors Poem By Tiffany Marler 02/07/2021

Why Must ❌Survivors ❌Keep Pushing Forward? By Tiffany Marler 02/10/2021

❌HB1193(MO)❌ The Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act By Tiffany Marler 02/20/2021

My Friend My Hero In Heaven Now~Gone March 2021 ♥️🇺🇸🌻 By Tiffany Marler 06/08/2021

A Small Introduction of Why “The Lou” Threw Me For A Loop! Written by Nomoretears21:4 08/17/2020

We are asked why Human Trafficking, Labour Trafficking and Anti Sexual Exploitation Efforts are not talked about PUBLICLY here in Missouri? Written by Nomoretears21:4 12/03/2020

When Do We Stop Looking Away As A Society? Written by Nomoretears21:4 02/11/2021

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy once said…. Written by Nomoretears21:4 02/15/2021

What Is Good Public Policy VS Bad Public Policy? Written by Tiffany Marler 6/10/2021

COMMUNITY SUPPORT IS SO IMPORTANT Written by Tiffany Marler 06.25.2021

❌When Will “They “ Start Telling The Truth? ❌ Written by Tiffany Marler Started on 4.18.2021-Finished on 06.27.2021

WHEN NEW YORK COMES TO MISSOURI Written by Tiffany Marler 07.12.2021

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